Golden Caramel

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Are you ready for a break from the everyday? We believe coffee is an invitation to treat yourself and our Barista Creations flavoured coffees bring you a new way to enjoy dessert. Nespresso’s master blenders and roasters know how to make classic flavours and coffee beans meet in a way that takes you straight back to your most cherished memories of sweet indulgence. Barista Creations Flavoured Golden Caramel brings the weekend mood any day. Into our sweet and velvety base blend of Latin American and African Arabicas comes the comforting caramel flavour. Its biscuity sweetness is an echo of the coffee blend itself, this one’s got layers of indulgence irresistibly inviting you to cozy up any time the moment calls for it.


  1. Flavor -
  2. Roast Medium
  3. Size
    Coffee 7.77 oz
  4. Intensity


  1. Bitterness
  2. Acidity
  3. Roastness
  4. Body

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