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Inspired by desserts and the cherished memories these hold for us, each Barista Creations flavoured is an exquisite coming together of coffee and classic flavours an invitation to treat yourself Our master blenders and roasters expertly bring coffee beans and some of the finest flavours together into one cup that holds the power to trigger a rush of beautiful memories. When the nutty sweetness of the classically decadent caramel flavour meets our base blend of South American Arabicas in Barista Creations Flavoured Caramello it’s an irresistible invitation to treat yourself Caramel’s creamy nuttiness has a way of rounding out the coffee’s delicious biscuit note while effortlessly complementing its smooth taste Our light roasting of the Brazilian and Colombian beans ensures the texture, tastes and aromas of the coffee are just right for carrying the unmistakable caramel flavour.


  1. Flavor Nutty & Balanced
  2. Roast Medium
  3. Size
    Lungo 3.7 oz
  4. Intensity


  1. Bitterness
  2. Acidity
  3. Roastness
  4. Body

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